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Nov. 3, 2021

271: How to Still Invest Successfully in Toronto with Randal Reashore

271: How to Still Invest Successfully in Toronto with Randal Reashore

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Our guest today, Randall Reashore, has over 11 years of active investing and successful returns, Randall started Ontario Assets as a full-time venture in 2016. A year later he became an Investment Realtor working with Keller Williams Co-Elevation Realty, based in Toronto, Ont.

Randall has made his name by seeing undervalued opportunities, and creating massive returns. He has creative vision within the real estate investment space and takes assets, through repositioning or renovation, to their highest and best use. He often sees value where others have missed it, thus delivering results others cannot.

He is a member of numerous GGTA Real Estate investment clubs and has worked with multiple coaching + mastermind groups. Prior to real estate, Randall was the General Manager of a boutique hotel and oversaw many capital, construction + development projects for the properties while perfecting his focus on client care.

We are very pleased to welcome Randall to our show.  We hope you enjoy the knowledge and wisdom that he has to share with us.

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